Blockchain is potentially the most transformational
technology since the inception of the Internet. While the internet revolutionized many industries, most assets of value — passports, votes, land titles –have yet to be digitized. Blockchain provides a mechanism for anyone with an internet connection to transfer any asset, anywhere, anytime — with unmatched security, efficiency and integrity.

The Blockchain relies on mathematics to ensure the security and integrity of all the information it stores. Information is distributed across an extensive system of computers on the Blockchain network. These computers perform rigorous mathematical equations to confirm the validity of every transaction before coming to consensus. Once verified, transactions are packaged into blocks of secure data. These blocks are timestamped and added to an ever-growing, unchangeable chain. Any asset of value – including currency, health records and land titles – can be placed on the Blockchain. 

The implementation of Blockchain technology in our global economy will enable governments, organizations, institutions and businesses to create records and processes that are highly secure, transparent and more resistant than ever to corruption. As with any new technology, the role of the business sector will be key to maximizing the potential and benefits of Blockchain technology.

Blockchain has tremendous potential to transform the global economy. It is the most secure way to transfer digitized assets and information peer-to-peer or organization-to-organization through the use of distributed ledgers. The adoption of Blockchain technology will enable businesses, governments, and organizations to ensure data integrity and create records, transactions, and systems that are highly secure, transparent and significantly more resilient against manipulation and corruption. The GBBC helps maximize the benefits of Blockchain for industry and society.

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